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From idea, to customer.

We build your brand into a commercial success, regardless of its stage in the lifecycle, with a customer-centric, agile process. Our people act as your extended team, committed towards achieving your business goals. 

Agility O

Take Ideas to Market 

A powerful idea to solve a consumer problem is a big first step. We can take care of the rest. We are prepared to give it a shape, voice, value, and promise.

Break the Clutter

We help your brand communicate and sell better, to the right customers. Our aim is to make the brand stand out in a way that it makes purchase decision easy and repetitive.

Grow Revenue Streams

We operate in a dynamic world that requires a brand to adapt, grow, and evolve. Growth strategies are many,

we help you choose the ones that fit you best with a promise of lasting success.

Agility services


The ability to make the right decisions, easily and quickly, is what makes us different and effective.

Launch Strategy

Each brand is unique and requires a customized, commercially viable launch strategy that defines the opportunity, final offering, targeted customer segments,

right pricing, sales potential, and path to reach the customer.

All in a frugal manner.

E-commerce & Marketplaces

Not all marketplaces offer the same value. Popularity and transaction fees is not the only criteria for a good marketplace. Every product has its own audience and acceptance, and we know where to look when it comes to promising sales channels.

Brand Development

Whether it’s about creating a brand from a scratch, or helping it evolve to command a niche, we know the art and science behind it. Share with us, your story and vision, our people will craft a design that sticks and solves.

Promotional Strategy & Execution

Great ideas need to be told well. We believe in giving wings to a brand with powerful story, useful content, impactful design, engaging execution, and result-driven campaigns. Our focus is on growing your business, while making it known.

Marketing Channel Activation

Resources are always limited, hence, success lies in choosing channels that will deliver on your communication objectives and business goals. Our understanding of channel mechanics, data generated, and consumer behaviour help us optimally utilize funds.

Analytics & Forecasting

We walk our talk and show you the results, in a transparent and insightful way. Our solution is always linked to relevant results, that guide our activities and your promise in us. You will never lose sight of your spend and impact. 

Field & Channel Sales

Your people become the face and revenue engine of your brand. They need a secure and adaptable model to meet your customers and sell effectively, no matter the external factors. Our holistic tech-enabled solution is built to empower your people, vendors, and customers.

Customer Success

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it can cost if delayed. We provide a 360 degree solution,
enabled by technology and experts, to monitor and assess the pulse of your employees, vendors, and customers, and the health of our partnership.


Experience hyper-sales with our risk-based partnership approach,
powered by people, data, and proprietary technology.

Like all real partnerships, 

we're in this together.

Launching Digital-First Brands

We have partnered with innovative, digital-first FMCG brands to take them to market, from idea to sales acceleration, in a co-investment model. We associate with brands that dare to change the status quo and deliver better products to solve customer problems. 

  • Robust, go-to-market strategy, powered by leading technology and data insights

  • Digital-first sales and marketing engine, enabled by custom-built tech stack 

  • Customer-centric business model that drives buyer retention and cost optimization

  • Robust vendor ecosystem to seamlessly support e-commerce and marketplaces

  • Promotion centre of excellence to reach the right, value-generating customer

Promotional Center of Excellence 

Each brand has a story to tell and we tell it for them. Our team works as an extended team for our partners, committed towards taking their offering to the right customers, through the most impactful channels, with the right message, and in the most cost-effective ways.

  • Build customer-centric promotional strategy aligned with sales forecasting 

  • Identify the right customers and engage with them through the most value-generating digital platforms, offline channels, and marketplaces 

  • Create objective-driven content and creatives, powered by tools and technology

  • Get discovered faster through paid Ads, leveraging cost-optimization techniques  

  • Lead with data insights derived from listening to the consumer, trends, and experts

Innovation Center

Industries need to reinvent as customers’ behaviour is changing as introduced to new products and services. We empower our partners with the latest technology that maps their customer’s journey and enables them towards conversion.

  • Custom-build online sales channels for customers to explore real-estate projects and make purchase with convenient payment schemes and models 

  • Deploy Terapact’s virtual, interactive walkthrough to digitize the real-estate projects and conduct virtual site visits, enabling qualified leads and agile closure

  • Build and deploy customer-focused e-commerce platforms for B2C brands 

  • Experiment with innovative business and payment models for repeat sales and higher margins

Profitability Improvement 

Resources are limited and cost-optimization is key, while growing a brand. We work with our partners to employ differentiated models for business, payment, and operations. This eases pressure on margins, while adding a competitive edge.

  • Discover and compare the investment journey, margin structure, growth strategies, and sales forecast against industry benchmarks and success stories

  • Revisit your business model to focus on customer retention and higher margins

  • Experiment with user-friendly payment models and build intuitive customer journey to expedite conversions

  • Integrate sales and marketing engines to maximize reach and lead generation

  • Leverage pre-existing vendor relationships for a seamless onboarding at best cost

CASE Studies - Agility

Every business is special,

just like our engagement models.

Financial Partner

We co-invest in your vision by putting a significant portion of our receivables at risk and making them contingent on the results we drive.

Promotional Partner

We drive a function of your business, utilize our network, experience, and expertise to help your brand reach a wider audience, in exchange for a fixed fee and a variable fee, aligned with the results desired.

Expertise Partner

We bring in all our expertise to help your brand produce better business results quickly and efficiently, in exchange for a fixed fee over an ascertained period.

Partnership models

Digital-first FMCG brands.

Terapact has partnered with multiple digital-first FMCG brands taking them from idea to customer. A true partnership in a co-investment model. 

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