Don't leave it to chance.

Critical launch decisions simplified.




A robust brand mandates a thorough research, concept testing, and

an in-depth investigation to keep assumptions from wrongly influencing the critical decisions.


Customers finding value in your offering is the sole driver of its commercial success. This makes incorporating market insights at critical stages an unavoidable and monumental step.

Brand Planning

Commercial success of a brand requires focused business objectives, success metrics, and defined strategies to achieve them, that provides a common goal and vision to inform people

and processes.


The right decisions, make all the difference.

Identify the Real Commercial Opportunity

Commercial opportunities may not always be apparent or run-of-the-mill. Our understanding of trends, market, and platforms help us identify where opportunities can be unlocked, in a quick and effective manner.

Identify High Potential Customer Segments and Markets

It is ideal when a brand fits all, however, in most cases your solutions will solve problems of a targeted audience that will find enough value to become loyalists. Our job is to find that group to grow your business. 

Validate Pricing Model and Opportunities to Increase Margins

While creating value for your customer, we make informed recommendations to reduce costs and price better, using our pre-existing market relationships, understanding of the landscape, and proven techniques.

Financial Modeling and Scenario Planning

The strategies we execute are informed with detailed forecasting and financial assessment, keeping varied scenarios in mind. This guides supply planning, budgeting, sales & marketing activities, and performance metrics.

Distribution & Logistics Strategy

Planning and fulfilling demand is crucial for a successful customer experience. Our understanding of the landscape, cost-controlling techniques, and curated database of the right partners helps accelerate the process.

All it takes is a few critical decisions to make a powerful first impression.

No two launches are
the same.

The science however is.


Innovative Detergent Brand

Home cleaning industry is getting disrupted with planet-friendly, yet powerful products. We have partnered with a revolutionary plant-based detergent company to take their specialized products to market and change how customers take care of their laundry needs.

  • Risk-based, end-to-end solutioning and execution, from idea to sales acceleration  

  • Digital-first sales and marketing engine, enabled by custom-built tech stack 

  • Customer-centric business model that drives buyer retention and cost optimization

  • Robust vendor ecosystem to seamlessly support e-commerce and marketplaces

  • Promotional centre of excellence to break through the clutter and drive sales


Artisanal Healthy Snacks Brand

Customers are making conscious dietary choices and the market lacks promising, healthy snacking options. We have collaborated with a premium healthy snacks company that is on a mission to enable super snackers in all of us to snack guilt-free.

  • Robust, go-to-market strategy, powered by leading technology and data insights

  • Performance-driven sales and marketing solutioning and execution

  • Customer-centric business model that drives repeat sales and higher margins

  • Agile partnership with third-party ecosystem for sales and operations 

  • Promotion centre of excellence to reach the right, value-generating customer

Solving Margin Pressures

Through Subscriptions

Most brands today are solving cost optimization challenges, which largely stem from high cost of customer acquisition. Some brands have been successful in creating a loyal community, while others fight for choice on a daily basis. 

  • Discover and compare the pain points pressuring the margin against industry benchmarks 

  • Revisit your business model to focus on customer retention and cost optimization

  • Declutter customer journey through technology to expedite conversions 

  • Integrate sales and marketing engines to maximize reach and lead generation

  • Leverage pre-existing vendor relationships for a seamless onboarding at best cost

Disruptive, Digital-led New Towers Launch for a Residential Major

We believe that technology is the most powerful sales acceleration tactic today for the Real Estate industry. We partnered with a public listed residential major to solve for high pressure, by building India's first e-commerce styled direct booking platform.

  • Custom-built an online sales channel for customers to explore projects

  • Introduced online payment model allowing for payment for just 1 sft to book 

  • Accelerated process from discovery to booking, benefiting both brand and customer

  • Achieved 250 bookings within a week of launch

  • Designed the platform as a multi-use solution that allows running varied e-commerce-styled campaigns, right out of the box


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