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The first XR sales suite for
the New Normal.

The first of its kind, technology suite built exclusively to bring complex products and projects to life at any meeting, online or in-person.

TVO - Overview


Sell before you build, whether its real estate, retail, or manufacturing.


Save 90-95% on prototyping and 'ppt'ing' it.


GTM at <1%* of traditional capital costs.


Enable customers to personalize your products on the fly, from anywhere.


Add ~12-24 months of aggressive marketing to your timeline.


The only sales enablement you Rep will ever need to make a meeting incredible.


Bring complex projects into the conference room with you.


Effectively decouple sales & marketing from engineering progress. 

Our Platforms

About TeraViz

TeraViz is our flagship suite of customer experience tech for retail, real estate and manufacturing. With TeraViz we build unbelievable digital twins of stores, real estate and products that spring customers into action online, and offline.

TeraViz Homes

Incredible virtual interactive homes built to spec, accessible from anywhere on any device through a simple weblink, even before you build it on-site.

TeraViz HomesPro

Hyper-realistic Virtual Interactive Apartments powered by real-time rendering and Nvidia RTX to bring photorealism to model homes and spaces designed for onsite and web

TeraViz Xplorer

Digital Twins of entire projects built with interactivity and exploration to help add 12-24 months in selling time instead of waiting for engineering or selling off just ppts. Can be deployed for any large project across hundreds of acres. 

TeraViz XrAssets

Next-gen digital promotional assets for immersive sales experiences in-person or on-the-web. 


Seeing is believing. We think so too.

Watch videos, webinars, and try TeraViz

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TeraViz just got a little bigger.
Introducing TeraViz HomesPro and TeraViz Xplorer

TeraViz HomesPro

With TeraViz HomesPro showcase your residential property with incredible detail and realism. Powered by real-time rendering and Nvidia RTX, customers, channel partners and sales team can see your vision come to life online, at the site, or in a conference room. Sell better, off the plan.

TeraViz Xplorer

TeraViz Xplorer is perfect for large residential, commercial and urban development projects like townships, industrial complexes, villa/row house developments, and apartment complexes. With Xplorer, you can build a digital twin of your entire project and launch sales efforts significantly ahead of engineering progress. Clients on average gain 12-15 months in selling time with Xplorer. 

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TeraViz Homes

Incredible virtual interactive homes built to spec, accessible from anywhere on any device through a simple weblink, even before you build it on-site.

TeraViz powering incredible
customer experiences for brands


TeraViz powering the next-generation of virtual commerce for the Arts.

We recently partnered with one of India's oldest art galleries to create an interactive digital twin for customers to explore and purchase art from anywhere in the world.

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