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A full service commercial partner to Residential Real Estate

We create empowering digital experiences that give customers confidence to make faster buying decisions.

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Over 75+ Projects trust TeraViz


TeraViz Interactive Suite

Deliver fully orchestrated and high quality customer experiences to
home buyers, at the site, or the web, or in-person.

For Sales & Marketing Teams

TeraViz is our flagship suite of customer experience tech for retail, real estate and manufacturing.

For Mobile-First Experiences

Transform brands, products and services through our Smart Stores, Smart Factories and Smart Experience centers for Retail, Real Estate and Manufacturing. 

For Experience Centers

Sirius is our flagship all-in smart platform that brings our TeraViz experiences to the retail floor, the site office or the experience center powered by TeraViz and Nvidia RTX

Say hello to Sirius.

Introducing Sirius, our all-in smart platform that brings our suite to the retail floor experience center.

Powered by LG Professional Display, AMD and
Nvidia RTX to deliver an incredibly smooth user experience. Available in multiple finishes to match any space.

Our Platforms

About TeraViz

TeraViz is our flagship suite of customer experience tech for retail, real estate and manufacturing. With TeraViz we build unbelievable digital twins of stores, real estate and products that spring customers into action online, and offline.

TeraViz Homes

Incredible virtual interactive homes built to spec, accessible from anywhere on any device through a simple weblink, even before you build it on-site.

TeraViz HomesPro

Hyper-realistic Virtual Interactive Apartments powered by real-time rendering and Nvidia RTX to bring photorealism to model homes and spaces designed for onsite and web

TeraViz Xplorer

Digital Twins of entire projects built with interactivity and exploration to help add 12-24 months in selling time instead of waiting for engineering or selling off just ppts. Can be deployed for any large project across hundreds of acres. 

TeraViz XrAssets

Next-gen digital promotional assets for immersive sales experiences in-person or on-the-web. 

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 12.23.36 PM.png

TeraViz Xplorer

TeraViz Xplorer is perfect for large residential, commercial and urban development projects like townships, industrial complexes, villa/row house developments, and apartment complexes. With Xplorer, you can build a digital twin of your entire project and launch sales efforts significantly ahead of engineering progress. Clients on average gain 12-15 months in selling time with Xplorer. 

TeraViz HomesPro

With TeraViz HomesPro showcase your residential property with incredible detail and realism. Powered by real-time rendering and Nvidia RTX, customers, channel partners and sales team can see your vision come to life online, at the site, or in a conference room. Sell better, off the plan.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 1.09_edited.jpg
TowerRender (2).jpg

Customer stories, wins, awards.

Raymond TenXHabitat selects Terapact Xplorer to deliver interactive booking experiences to Home Buyers

Runwal Group selects Terapact's TeraViz Suite to build its next-generation sales experience center

Brigade partners with Terapact to deploy TeraViz for under-construction projects

Terapact selected to deliver TeraViz Homes for under construction residential projects for Brigade Group. With multiple project launches every quarter, fast scalable execution has enabled the client to go to market faster and independent of engineering progress, making the sales team more agile.

Concorde Group partners with Terapact to deploy VizXplorer for 12 acre villa project

Terapact built a smart digital twin of a 12 acre villa project online complete with all amenities and finished villas ahead of the launch. Customer, channel partners and sales teams can now explore the12 acres project, home to 150 villas and 30+ amenities built exactly to specifications. The solution will enable over $40 Mn in sales over the next 5-6 years. 

KMB Group deploys TeraViz Homes to enable a superior customer buying experience for their flagship project La Palazzo

Terapact wins IMA South 2021 award for Best Use of Integrated Marketing in Real Estate for ground-breaking Virtual Sales Office for House of Hiranandani.

Terapact deployed its integrated Virtual Sales Office (VSO) solution for House of Hiranandani for all its Bangalore and Chennai projects. The VSO is a digital twin of the HOH offices with a smart 'digital' version of the actual customer journey embedded into the experience from downloading collateral, watching videos in the media room, to exploring the project and even scheduling and reserving meetings from any device.


Within the first 4 weeks, it delivered over INR 4 crores in revenue. Every incremental sale from these 4 projects will continue to attribute to the virtual sales office as customers continue to engage more online.

Terapact deployed TeraViz by creating two virtual apartments for La Palazzo. The first apartment was built with a standard configuration, and the second had a customized study, library and open kitchen. Buyers can virtual explore both options online and on-site with a sales person to bring the floor plans to life, as well as have meaningful conversations around what their home can look like.  Estimate business impact enabled via TeraViz is ~$10-12Mn in inventory.

Recently public-listed Shriram Properties selects Terapact Virtual Site Office to transform digital experience online. 

Terapact deployed its proprietary Virtual Site Office platform across Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata to transform the digital project experience for the brand. This now forms the first digital layer for all prospects and home buyers for the group. Every new prospect will  have a fully integrated and immersive site visit experience online. 

Insights, Opinions and Points of View

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While RBI said it is working closely with the government to boost growth, some of its revised projections spell greater trouble for the economy and Indian households.

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Bangalore sees 70 new project launches in Jul-Sep 2019

Despite a quarterly increase in the number of project launches, Bangalore reported a dip in sale of ready housing units. The trend is indicative of an overall tepid market sentiment in the city.

Real Estate Sector Disappointed; All Eyes On Budget Now

The real estate industry, particularly the housing segment has expressed its disappointment after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI decided to maintain status quo and did not announce a repo rate cut. 

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