Customer happiness

is not optional.



Manage project’s health, achieve desired outcomes, and ensure a successful customer lifetime value.


Proactive Assessment

Customer satisfaction and expectation drives success of a business. We take informed, proactive steps towards checking the pulse and sentiment of your customers, to prepare you with any required measures.


Tech-enabled customer satisfaction measurement leads to actionable data insights that can play an instrumental role in saving a crisis, rewarding a group of loyal customers, or capitalizing on a positive trend.

Achieve Desired Outcomes

Our customer success team independently works with you and our project teams to ensure proactive timeline management and business excellence, for successful operations and maximum value.


Stay ahead of the customer.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Nobody likes surprises, especially when it can cost. We provide a 360-degree solution, enabled by technology and experts, to monitor and assess the pulse of your customers, to improve your future engagements and offerings.

Standard Reporting

We promote transparency and proactive communication of efforts and results, to take key decisions in collaboration. You trust us with your brand and we ensure a showcase of customer’s sentiment and feedback on a regular basis.

Benchmarking and Insights

We apply industry benchmarks to your brand and define KPIs basis the stage in the brand's lifecycle. Our experts educate your internal teams on best practices to further improve interaction with the customers.

Project Health Management

Our customer success team member will be dedicated to the seamless delivery of your project, to ensure adherence to project timelines, management of ticketing, and addressal of concerns and escalations. 

Listening to your customer can be game-changing for your business.

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Terapact House,

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