E-commerce defines

commerce today.

It is how your customers buy. 



Digital-first Brands

E-commerce has emerged as an agile and seamless platform for brands to better identify & connect with the customers, lead with data insights, quickly adapt changes, and optimize costs. Our digital-first launch toolkit simplifies this process further.

Customer-friendly Technology


We leverage our experience with building digital-first brands on platforms that fit your brand and customers best. Our experts choose the highest performing tools and technology to build a cutting-edge tech stack for the brand.

People are the backbone of a successful e-commerce engine and we have partnered with some of the best ones in our vendor ecosystem, that seamlessly integrates with your brand and delivers your offerings successfully to the customer.


Find your customer better. Help them discover you faster. 

Online Launch Strategy

With disruptions across industries, limited funds, and changing consumer behavior, we provide the perfect launchpad to get started along with key decisions on customer segments, right pricing, sales potential, and a detailed path to reach the customer required.

Customer Journey Mapping

Each customer engages with a brand at various touchpoints online. We identify and use this knowledge strategically, to inform the UI/ UX of the e-commerce site and activities required for a lasting customer relationship and growing commercial value of the brand.

Validate Pricing Model and Opportunities to Increase Margins

E-commerce comes with different costs besides just discounting. Offering great products that provide high perceived value to the customer provides opportunity to experiment with different pricing models (e.g., subscriptions) to prevent from low margins. 

E-commerce Platform Development

Hands-on knowledge of the latest and greatest in eCommerce Platforms and existing success stories place us in a strong position to recommend what fits your brand and build your presence in record time.

Marketplace Listing and Activation

Not all marketplaces offer the same value. Popularity and transaction fees are not the only criteria for a good marketplace. We cut-short and fasten the process of signing up by leveraging our toolkit and pre-existing relationships for successful and seamless onboard.

Marketplace and E-Commerce Management

Our e-commerce (brand’s own site) and marketplace team is trained in the process from end-to-end and maintains close relationships with the parallel teams at different ecosystem partners, allowing you easy access, quick turnaround, and reliable execution.

Distribution & Logistics Strategy

Planning and fulfilling demand is crucial for a successful customer experience. Our understanding of the landscape, cost-controlling techniques, and curated database of the right partners helps accelerate the process.

Analytics & Forecasting

We walk our talk and show you the results, in a transparent and insightful way. Our solution is always linked to relevant results, that guide our activities and your promise in us. This provides full visibility into performance of the website, marketplaces, and customer insights.


Want to take your business online, successfully?

Turn visits into purchases and purchases into relationships.


Every business is special,

just like our engagement models.

Financial Partner

We co-invest in your vision by putting a significant portion of our receivables at risk and making them contingent on the results we drive.

Promotional Partner

We drive a function of your business, utilize our network, experience, and expertise to help your brand reach a wider audience, in exchange for a fixed fee and a variable fee, aligned with the results desired.

Expertise Partner

We bring in all our expertise to help your brand produce better business results quickly and efficiently, in exchange for a fixed fee over an ascertained period.

Digital-first FMCG brands.

Terapact has partnered with multi-stage FMCG brands to launch them as digital-first ventures, with innovative and customer-centric business models.

Each risk-based partnership is powered by data insights and technology to successfully drive sales through online channels.