Let the numbers, do the talking.

Data-driven decision making



No Guesswork

Strategy becomes successful with data. Each recommendation we make for the commercial viability of your brand is backed by data generated using our in-house and 3rd party tools. 

Standard Reporting

We promote transparency and proactive communication of efforts and results, to take key decisions in collaboration. You trust us with your brand and we ensure a showcase of the brand's health on a regular basis. 

Benchmark Data

Some ideas are too innovative to have historic data to help forecast chances of success. Our team of experts identify the right data points that can prepare and guide critical decisions to overcome complacency.


What gets measured, improves.


We use cutting-edge tools to execute, track, and analyze our KPIs to grow your brand. Structured dashboarding helps visualize the health of your brand using a unified view of data, instrumental in taking next steps.

Sales & Marketing Reporting
and Insights

Sales & Marketing activities are planned alongside measurable KPIs, success factors, and hypothesis. Each metric is evaluated and discussed in a timely manner, to enhance and change the strategy for improved performance.

Return on Ad Spend Assessments

Customer acquisition through paid Ads often come at a high cost and should generate maximum value. We allocate the budget basis ROI, not merely popularity of a platform and maintain full disclosure of spends.

Promotional Impact Analysis

We evaluate success or failure of the promotions using available and derived data, to identify what contributed and what lacked, further providing value-generating insights for future campaigns. 


Do you have a unified view of your customers across channels?