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Proprietary Technology




Our solutions are diverse and outcomes based, as they are enabled by proprietary technology. We promote taking your real estate brand to market with data-backed, automated, agile and seamless technology-driven platforms and channels, to engage and sell better to your end customers.

Robust channel networks are the mainstay of a successful sales and marketing engine. We have partnered with some of the best channel partners, both online and offline, to seamlessly integrate with your varied asset classes and deliver your projects successfully to the customer.

Fully integrate marketing, sales, call-center and relationship management through automated and integrated S&M customer journeys to deliver superior customer experience. Our sales augmentation solution enables greater sales success from prospecting through to closure.


Accelerate sales with precision and predictability with data,

omni-channel strategy and execution.

Forecasting and Planning

Unlock revenue, find opportunities, tap into new segments, and find the customers that matter by creating a new roadmap to hyper-growth. Terapact uses multiple forecasting methods to find the next phase of growth.

Site Digitization and

Online Mobilization

Bring your property alive, tell the true story of your property, communicate with customers and establish greater trust with high quality, outcome based online experiences.  Mobilize your online presence to work around the clock, delivering that perfect sales pitch for your property, every single time. 

Brand Development

Whether it’s about creating a property online presence from scratch or helping it evolve to command a niche positioning, we know the art and science behind it. Share with us, your story and vision, our people will craft a design that sticks and solves.

Promotional Strategy & Execution

Promotional strategy clearly outlines the campaign goal, key communication messages, defined target groups, budget, channel and media mix, campaign ideas, KPIs, timelines, and end-to-end process of execution, supported by data.

Marketing Channel Activation

Resources are always limited; hence, success lies in choosing channels that will deliver on your communication objectives and business goals. Our understanding of channel mechanics, data generated, and consumer behavior help us optimally utilize funds. 

Domestic & International

Cross Selling

The real estate industry is experiencing a significant transformation today. Purchasing behaviour of large properties is shifting online. We differentiate ourselves from other digital platforms by allowing for investment in individual projects with low transaction and administration costs, enabling an investor to choose and control where the money goes.

Field & Channel Sales

Your people become the face and revenue engine of your brand. They need a secure and adaptable model to meet your customers and sell effectively, no matter the external factors. Our holistic tech-enabled solution is built to empower your channel sales and activate the right partners in the right location.

Analytics & Forecasting

A data visualization dashboard to quickly assess and analyze digital marketing spends, customer journey, re-targeting results to effectively measure ROI and help reduce cost of sales all across.

It's done. The world has changed. What about you?

The Terapact Virtual Office suite can help you start selling virtually, engage your employees, customers and partners, and deliver amazing customer experiences to help you close deals faster. ​



Unlock the power of self exploration among your customers with TeraViz. Immersive online marketing and sales technology to drive sales conversions, from virtually anywhere.


Stay connected with TeraLink. A feature-rich, easy to use, fully customisable video conferencing platform for your daily meetings, webinars, virtual classrooms and white-label solutions.  

Turn visits into purchases and purchases into relationships.


Every business is special,

just like our engagement models.

Financial Partner

We co-invest in your vision by putting a significant portion of our receivables at risk and making them contingent on the results we drive.

Promotional Partner

We drive a function of your business, utilize our network, experience, and expertise to help your brand reach a wider audience, in exchange for a fixed fee and a variable fee, aligned with the results desired.

Expertise Partner

We bring in all our expertise to help your brand produce better business results quickly and efficiently, in exchange for a fixed fee over an ascertained period.