Meeting in-person is the best.

This is a close second.

TeraLink is an enterprise-grade remote sales and customer engagement platform with powerful video conferencing, webinar capabilities, online collaboration tools, and personalized content library.


High performance,

feels like you're there.

Works in any Browser. No more apps to download.

No more painful 'app' downloads before you can start a remote meeting. TeraLink runs in any browser. Just click and get started. 

Fast. Really Fast.

Privately host your own instance to control security and speed, or choose to have us host your instance. Choose between HD video or SD with a flick of a button, and address up to 5000 attendees all at once.

Powerful Meeting Tools

Every sales meeting is different. Go seamlessly from running Q&As, Polls, Sharing Notes, Screen share, pull up a whiteboard on the spot, and create the perfect meeting. 

Dynamic Content Library

The content library is a powerful way for each your team members to have everything they need to make that sales pitch, world-class. Upload and save important presentations, documents, forms, videos and instantly bring them into the discussion.

Protect your data with SHA-256
with RSA encryption.


Your meetings are closed-door.

So is our software.

Really control your meetings with TeraLink by even hosting

this in your IT infrastructure. Now that's a game-changer.

Security & Privacy

Your meetings are private, which is why your data is protected with SHA-256 with RSA encryption. 

Private Hosting

If you'd like to host this within your IT infrastructure, with TeraLink it's possible to personalize deployment.

Explore all features

  • HD Videoconferencing

  • Simple Intuitive UI
  • Record your meetings 

  • Live Broadcast (Social Media)

  • Custom branding 

  • API and LMS Integration

  • Fully cloud-based

  • Mobile browser access

  • Share video content

  • E-mail invitations

  • Teleconferencing and screen sharing

  • Q & A, Polling, Hand Raise 

  • Multi-user white board

  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Breakout rooms

  • Layouts

  • Shared notes

  • Custom meeting links

  • Broadcast live

  • File and screen sharing

Simple honest pricing

Since our solution is fully customised, we price it based on what you exactly need.
Starts from $10 per user per month

Get in touch with our team to know more.