Unmask hidden revenue opportunities and accelerate revenues

Our revenue acceleration solutions help clients tap new revenue opportunity streams, add rigour to existing efforts, expand to new markets in a reduced-risk model and leverage the power of the internet to drive revenue. Our clients, partner with us at different levels depending on their challenges and needs.


Our differentiated approach combines data, omnichannel strategy and execution to accelerate sales with precision and predictability.


Unlock revenue, find opportunities, tap into new segments, find the customers that matter by creating a new roadmap to hyper-growth. Terapact uses multiple forecasting methods to find the next phase of growth.


Fully integrate marketing, call-center, relationship management and sales through automated and integrated S&M customer journeys to deliver superior customer experience


Drive sales outcomes better by understanding lead and lag measures in real-time. Focus on what matters, and know what's going to make the difference to revenue.

We bring deep horizontal expertise meticulously finely-tuned and contextualized to verticals. ​

Some of the problems we've recently solved include:


  • Selling large inventory of residential real-estate

  • Deploying India's first custom-built out-of-the-box e-comm platform for real estate to help the client lower SG&A costs

  • Successfully launched a private jet service

  • Expanded a client's channel partner network to tap into deals they didnt have visibility into earlier

A partnership approach to growth

We work with clients at three different levels of partnership. 


  • Revenue Ownership

  • New Market Acceleration

  • Sales Augmentation


Find the model that works best for you below:

Revenue Ownership

Our strategic commercialization model is focused on driving a sales outcome. It's about bringing all the necessary capabilities (creative, content, technology, operations, call-centre, channel management and analytics) to deliver a sales number. 

Sales Augmentation

Let's imagine you've got a great sales force, you're hitting your numbers but something new has started to happen - the impact your sales team has had is starting to diminish. They're finding it harder to connect and engage your target audience. Perhaps your product is now mature or  you have lots of new competition.


Our sales augmentation services enable you to create exciting new sales enablement experiences powered by digital marketing, real-time analytics and sales force effectiveness research to help your team connect more effectively with your changing customer demographic. This results in greate sales success from prospecting through to closure.

New Market Acceleration

Digital Territory Management, supplements your direct sales efforts through digital marketing and digital territory activation. Most customers seek to grow revenue either by expanding into new territories which is a capital extensive model and requires heavy investments, OR by increasing their share in existing accounts.


Terapact's helps you take your products to new markets using the latest in customer engagement technologies with the power of a highly orchestrated sales effort. Think of us as your digital channel partner.

Private jet flying over a sunset sky.jpg

Terapact partners to launch India's first private jet service using its revolutionary commercial model.


Sterling Developers partners with Terapact to optimize customer engagement.

iPad in hands.jpg

Terapact partners with Century Group to deploy Terapact technology.


let's talk ABOUT hyper growth

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