The first of its kind, technology suite built exclusively to help
sales and customer engagement teams perform better remotely. 


Unify engagement across marketing, sales, service and IT teams with TeraCloud. Make engagement SMART (Social, Measurable, Accessible, Real-Time, Transparent).


Stay connected with TeraLink. A feature-rich, easy to use, fully customisable video conferencing platform for your daily meetings, webinars, virtual classrooms and white-label solutions.  


Unlock the power of self exploration among your customers with TeraViz. Immersive online marketing and sales technology to drive sales conversions, from virtually anywhere.

The first sales suite for
the New Normal.



Get upto speed in

under 5 minutes a day.

Power of Connectedness.

When things are moving fast across your company, its easy for your employees, channel partners, and customers to lose sight of what's important. 

With TeraCloud, you can ensure everyone is connected to what matters and it takes less than 5 mins a day to have your whole organization and partners running in the same direction.

Build your tribe.

With TeraCloud, you can empower your teams, partners and customers to engage and stay connected. Give them the tools they need to work better together without the hassles of complex software. 

The system automatically segments members into their own sub-networks so your teams and partners get to know precisely what is important for them to succeed. 



Feels like you're there.

Runs Straight from the Browser

No more painful 'app' downloads before you can start a remote meeting. TeraLink runs in any browser. Just click and get started. 

Live recording and Broadcast

Save your best sessions. Record your meetings and webinars for later viewing and sharing. Broadcast your events live across social media channels. Make live broadcast sales pitches. Reach your whole audience.

Custom Branding

Enterprise customers can further personalization their meeting experience. 

Dynamic Content Library

The content library is a powerful way for each your team members to have everything they need to make that sales pitch, world-class. Upload and save important presentations, documents, forms, videos and instantly bring them into the discussion.

The remote sales meeting, perfected.


It's personal. Just like every sales meeting.

HD Videoconferencing

Record your meetings 

Live Broadcast (Social Media)

Custom branding 

API and LMS Integration

Fully cloud-based

Mobile browser access

Teleconferencing and screen sharing

Q & A, Polling, Hand Raise 

Multi-user white board

Enterprise-grade security

Breakout rooms


Shared Note


Perfect sales pitches,

delivered around the clock.

More Inbound Lead Generation

TeraViz lets you engage with a much wider relevant audience, communicating value in a way similar to what a sales executive will drive in person. Most clients see an increase of inbound leads by 20-30% within days of deploying TeraViz.

Real-time Behavioral and Content Analytics

Understand prospect interest across various facets of their journey. 

Orchestrate Multiple Sales Elements into an Interactive Experience

Tell the story that matters. Quickly integrate a virtual tour and sales & marketing collateral into a guided online sales experience.  

Your Best Sales Executive, Now Working Around the Clock.

TeraViz not only helps convert more online traffic, but also serves as a sales enablement tool with your field sales teams meet customers. Ensuring everyone makes a perfect pitch.