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All companies work with an eco-system of partners, channels, distributors, wholesalers and customers on the outside; and a team of employees on the inside. Companies that can get both sides to work well together are able to respond to the market quickly and assertively.


Explore key features

Unified company feed

No matter how complex your company is, every member will have everything he needs to get up to date in his our personalized feed. 

People management

Manage people profiles and networks. Bring the entire community together. Intelligently created for the organization to stay informed and engaged all across.

Credits and rewards system

Fully customizable credits system for recognizing and rewarding your people in real-time.  Allocate ‘Reward Values’ based on activities and drive key results via accurate engagement analytics.

Document management

With the TeraCloud Docs Manager create, share, manage and read from the Knowledge Centre.  A fully integrated documents manager to manage organization centric presentation decks, marketing collaterals for customers and white papers. Manage all your company training content directly from here as well.

Private Labeled Instances

Complete private and secure white-labeled instances with over 20 personalized privacy settings to provide complete control and flexibility. Create a personalized experience for every stakeholder without compromising on scalability for your entire organization.


Private 1:1 seamless messaging across web and mobile provided by TeraCloud proprietary, in-built messenger solution.

Event management

Events are complex. With TeraCloud its easy to keep everyone up-to-date and see progress directly, without having to ask. Create events on the fly, no coding, inbuilt RSVP and privacy settings. Promote your events like ads on TeraCloud too.

Custom iOS & Play Store Apps

Full custom branding for your enterprise social app with responsive UI, labels and loading screens to match your corporate theme.


Simple honest pricing

Since our solution is fully customised, we price it based on what you exactly need.
RS 100/ per member/ per month 

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