By Terapact  Take this short engagement quiz: Ever since there were two people and a message, engagement has existed. What’s…

Take this short engagement quiz:

Ever since there were two people and a message, engagement has existed. What’s changed however in today’s context is the vast complexity and speed or lack of speed at which communication percolates through the organization causing dis-engagement.

Most companies have very similar engagement challenges brought about by 1) changes in organizational direction 2) new business areas 3) rapid expansion in terms of both scale and complexity 4) changing market dynamics that warrant a different approach 5) changing employee expectations brought about by digital transformation 6) changing customer experience expectations.

One thing however that we see happen is that while the amount of information that flows through organizations today has dramatically increased, the time available for employees to process this remains a flat line. This gap between the increase in information versus the time available to make sense of this all has created tremendous disconnect between employees and the organization. It would naturally make sense to find an effective way to close this gap by making communication and information more focused; and also identifying those areas where engagement tactics are not working and fixing them using precise data. This would then give business leaders and senior executives the ability to galvanize their teams and enable them to leap frog their performance levels leading to better business outcomes for the organization.

Historically, companies relied on emails, F2F meetings, ‘town halls’, web conferencing, intranets, and internal/external portals to provide information to employees. This has multiple issues starting with the fact that this is now a completely dated strategy given that 82% of new employees are millennials, over 1 billion people use facebook, another billion odd use real-time chat like whatsapp or wechat, and billions of search requests are made on google to find information. There is a paradigm shift in the way people want to find answers and in the way people want to connect and being connected with for both personal and professional purposes. In addition, the lack of a single point of reference for employees to quickly gather what is most relevant didnt exist in one place. Enterprise technology in general has been slow to reboot business processes around this new customer experience shift. The world’s at an interesting inflection point that now makes it possible for enterprises to ride a tremendous social interaction wave.

For instance, the ability to know how a message sent was being received (open rates, Click Through Rate, device preference, time preference, bounce rates etc.), or to understand whether content being shared is really relevant (sentiment and virality), or even how that same content or message is being shared and evangelized by others is now a powerful indicator of Real Engagement. Virality, Engagement Rate, Relevancy are all beacons that are measurable given the new role of technology in engagement.

4 metrics we think CxOs should closely monitor are:

1) Employee Participation Score: How many people in my organization are really participating/engaging proactively across all the things that are going on in the company 2) Virality Score: How is my message being received and evangelized by my employees – is loyalty going up? 3) Engagement Score: How are each of my engagement tactics really performing 4) Evangelism Score: How are my leaders driving alignment and excitement in our corporate mission, on the ground

By re-thinking what engagement should really be about, perhaps organizations can find within themselves an opportunity to realize their full potential that has always existed but hasn’t been unearthed until now.

Please share your thoughts and comments. it will be useful for us.

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