By Sabrina Son Work gets stressful. We can all attest to that. But it’s the attitude you approach your work with…

Work gets stressful. We can all attest to that. But it’s the attitude you approach your work with that determines whether or not your employee engagement  level is on the fritz.

If employee happiness has taken a turn for the worse at your organization, you need to take proactive steps to correct that trajectory.

While giving your workers additional perks and making team-building Activities and Professional development top priorities are great ways to improve employee happiness and strengthen morale, sometimes all it takes is a few words.

Not sure what those words might look like?

Take a cue from Bob Glazer of Acceleration Partner who recently launched a newsletter called Friday Forward that aims to inspire readers.

Here are nine inspirational quotes that Bob has shared with his subscribers over the last year. May they inspire you and your employees and peers.

01. On the importance of doubt

While we need vision, conviction, and confidence to be successful, we also need to balance that with doubt, healthy skepticism, and humility.

Confidence is critical to the success of any professional.

That said, being overly confident can be quite detrimental. It’s important to realize that nobody is ever right about everything all of the time. By understanding that you don’t know everything in the world and being willing to listen to your peers and even your employees, you open yourself up to new ideas while remaining humble and motivated.

Managers who not only listen to their employees but act on those sentiments will have a much easier time inspiring their teams. Read More..

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